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About Leah

Leah Danielle is a writer, producer and opera singer. She began her career in the opera, touring and collaborating with legendary artists in the music industry. While on tour, Leah never stopped her passion for writing and came up with the concept for a show called NITE. After years of countless rewrites, she decided that NITE was ready for production. After beginning the production of NITE, she started writing REQUIEM, a historical drama/romance about the Roman-Judea wars and the Zealot's final stand at Masada. REQUIEM took years of research, which included retracing the steps of the unsung heroes from over 2000 years ago and reading histories of the era, including the work of ex-Zealot/Roman, Josephus Flavius. "I'm a history geek to the core," she says about herself, "and what others might find dry-as-dust accounts of an ancient conflict, came to life for me."

NITE will be debuting at all major film festivals such as Sundance, Cannes, Venice, and Tribeca.

Leah Danielle's first stage role was as a crayon in her school play. She was five years old. Little did she know that in twelve years time she would be making her soloist debut at Carnegie Hall at the age of 17.

Leah says she is lucky because she knew from a very young age that she wanted to build her life around the arts.

Leah is considered a verissimo soprano. She specializes in melodic Italian operas and is known not only for a voice remarkable for its extensive range and purity of tone but also for her acting abilities and realistic portrayal of characters. Her vocal agility and acting skills have enabled her to perform a large repertoire in both TV, Theater, Opera and Broadway worlds. The richness, power and distinctiveness of her voice, coupled with her ability to evoke passion and depth in her characters, produces an irresistible and lingering response from her audience.

Leah studied at Cleveland Institute of Music, Mannes School of Music, Purchase Conservatory, and Academy of Dramatic Arts. Majoring in music performance, communications and writing. After graduation she began touring in Young artisit opera programs all over the States and some in Europe . Leah began to make her mark while working with such notable people as the Grammy-winning writer and producer David Foster, having performed on behalf of his foundation alongside legendary tenor Andrea Bocelli.

While still in school Leah appeared in small roles in TV for "All my Children" and "Love Monkey". Her roles in theater include: Rebecca in "Our Town", Katherine in "Journey to the Day" , Ginger in "Rosemary and Ginger" and Nancy in "Oliver" Some of her operatic roles include: Mimi and Musetta in "La Boheme", Liu in "Turandot", Contessa in "Le Nozze Di Figaro", and Drusilla in "L' Incoronazione di Poppea", just to name a few. Ms. Danielle sang in her first movie soundtrack for the Universal Studios movie, "Prime." Leah has been singing for New York's Couture fashion shows two years in a row.

In addition to her two features, Nite and Requiem, she has also written scripts for Indie shorts company Antum films.

Whether writing, producing, singing or acting, Ms. Danielle creates a unique bond with her audience so that the emotional experience remains with them long after the show has ended. Leah has lived , studied and worked in Italy. She speaks fluent Italian.

Leah wishes to thank her parents, her family and her friends, for their guidance and support. Her conductor and coach, Hugh Murphy, and long time friend and teacher Bonnie Hamilton, are people to whom she grateful for much of her courage, spiritual and artistic growth.

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